Meguiars Ultimate Black Plastic Restorer

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Protects and restores black and gray nonporous trim!

Restores color to faded interior and exterior trim

Dries to the touch quickly

Does not streak.

Protects and restores black and gray nonporous trim!

Use Ultimate Black to restore the color to black and gray interior and exterior trim. It cures like a wax to plastics and vinyl, providing unmatched protection and durability. Meguiar's state-of-the-art hybrid polymer technology seals nonporous surfaces under a clear coat-like coating. It dries quickly and does not streak in the rain. Meguiars Ultimate Black is perfect for restoring the color to faded, weather-worn exterior trim and interior dashboards, door panels, and moldings. It offers excellent UV protection.

12 oz.

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North Tustin, Ca
Good restorer but....
December 26, 2017 is greasy and the durability is average. I use this product on my wife's plastic trim, and it only looks good for a relatively short amount of time.
Looks good when applied Durability Greasy
By Paul S.
Garden Grove Ca
Works like a charm...
October 8, 2017
Plenty of black trim on my Toyota Tacoma. Used properly and this product completely restores the plastic trim back to black. 2 months later and I only need to do a touch up job.
The black trim needs to be properly cleaned before application, the product will "streak" in the beginning, why? Because more product needs to be applied to the surface! Apply full even coats and the streaking will go away.
New formula lasts longer than old product. Works better than Mothers back to black product. Applied properly, no problem what so ever.
By Don
Williamson, NY
Another great Meguiar's product
May 29, 2016
I actually use the sponges but I bought this to "refill" the package when they dry from use. It blackens trim very well and you barely need to go back and wipe up the excess. I use it all the time.
Darkens trim well, lasts about a month, doesnt streak, barely need to buff Slightly greasy so be careful on sensitive areas (rear bumpers of trucks)
By Michael
Lawndale, CA
Good trim protectant
December 3, 2014
I use this after cleaning the trim with D103 APC+ or Mothers Heavy Duty Trim Cleaner. I apply 2 coats for even coverage and follow up with a final buff to remove any excess product after about 10-15 min. I have personally tested this and got 1 month out of it. Not the best durability but still very good for an average user.
Nice satin look Does not run on paint if properly applied Affordable Needs longer durability
By Chris
Good little product, but there's better
September 4, 2014
You can see my more in depth look here

For an OTC non boutique product it does a good job, but it does not last very long which really is not great. But it does spread far, and it's not expensive at all. For production work this would be ideal.
Smell, application Doesn't last long
By Tim
Pasadena, CA
Great for what it does!
May 16, 2012
For best results you need to clean your plastic trim first. I used Meguiar's APC + and a toothbrush. Then I applied 3 thin coats about 10 minutes apart. After the last coat I wiped it down with a paper towel and it buffed to a dark, smooth finish. It looked very natural.
lasts several weeks natural looking finish doesn't run IF not over applied if you don't wipe off excess the excess will run when wet and cause streaks.
By daniel
fresno, ca
Meguiar's Ultimate Black
May 15, 2012
Even though initially it worked well, (hard to apply on Ford f150 bumpers), it does streak and needs to be applied almost everytime I went through a good car wash. I know it won't stay applied forever, but i did thought I would make it through at least one(1) car wash before it streaked and came off. And this after three applications before the wash. To be truthful, F21 spray works just as well, easier to apply, and costs less. Since it (Meguiar's Ultimate Black) doesn't stay on too well for very long, I would not recommend this to anyone unless you are willing to reapply it every time you get your car washed. But you be the judge, I just call em as I use em! Good Luck!
Initially looks great! But doesn't last very long streaks doesn't last very long comes off easily in good car wash with real soap Not enough in bottle top make a full three coats as the manufacturer directs.