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Meguiars Ultimate Black Tire Coating

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Item Description:

Meguiars Ultimate Black Tire Coating is a high gloss, non-slinging formula that dries to the touch and provides over a month of great looks. For too long, lovers of a high-gloss finish had to deal with the inevitable sling. Meguiars Ultimate Black Tire Coating is the easy-to-apply, aerosol solution.

8 oz.

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Product Reviews

Meguiars Ultimate Black Tire Coating
2.5 Stars based on 2 Review(s)
Lawndale, CA
3 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Works ok but could be better
December 3, 2014
I bought this to give it a try. I was a little disappointed in it's appearance. I was looking for just a little more gloss. It has very little gloss and makes the tire look black like a brand new tire. It can be a little tricky to apply but the best way to apply it is similar to using a rattle can paint can but in one sweeping motion. This will save you more product but it will also give an even look. Another thing is that it will keep you from getting runs. With any aerosol it will overspray on the wheel. Remove it right away but be careful not too touch the tire as it will affect the look. The durability is ok. I got a month out of it but I would not mind if it was a little longer last like some of the actual tire coatings.
Nice deep black look to the tire
Can be tricky to apply Could be just a little more glossy A little more durability would be nice Overspray

Tacoma, WA
2 Stars

Great packaging, not so great contents
April 3, 2014
I tried this out on two sport utility vehicles. It covered 7 of the 8 tires so I now have to use a different product for the 8th tire. This might go to 12 tires for a low profile car and should easily cover 8 for a standard car. A light coat is recommended to avoid streaks and increase coverage. It is difficult to monitor how much is being applied because without safety goggles you'll have difficulty seeing through the cloud the spray can produces as it is applied. I have definitely found better sprays for nearly half the money and with twice the volume. Avoid this product and apply a gel if you are really serious about shiny tires.
Spray application
Cloud produced during application, minimal coverage, small volume for the money