Meguiar’s 16 oz. Self Cleaning Dispenser Bottle

Item Description:

Clog and mess free application!

Use with Meguiar's Compounds and Polishes

Perfect for detailers that buy in bulk

Available individually or in a 3 Pack

The Meguiar’s Self Cleaning Dispenser Bottles feature a heavy-duty, soft plastic bottle and a ribbon cap that self-cleans when closed. When you’d like to purchase your non-sprayable Meguiar’s products in bulk, use the Meguiar’s Self Cleaning Dispenser Bottles for easier use than in a gallon bottle. The special cap keeps your product in the cap and not on your or all over your work space!

Perfect for use with:
• Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze #20 Polymer Sealant
• Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze #21 Synthetic Sealant
• Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze #26 Hi-Tech Liquid Carnauba Wax
• Meguiar’s M100 Pro Speed Compound
• Meguiar’s M105 Ultra-Cut Compound
• Meguiar’s M205 Ultra Finishing PolishAnd any other “lotion” like product!

Available individually or in a money-saving 3 Pack!

16 oz.

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