Meguiar’s Flagship Premium Metal Polish

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Meguiar’s Flagship Premium Metal Polish is a unique formula that first restores a mirror-like finish to all marine metals before using anti-corrosive polymers to protect from environmental degradation once polishing is complete. Perfect for use by hand or by machine, Meguiar’s Flagship Premium Metal Polish is easy to use and allows you to polish, protect, and be on your way to the water!

Marine metal sees a lot of degradation in it’s day – not only is it constantly exposed to the water, but also to the harmful effects of UV rays. Over time, this can turn your bright and shining metal into a dull and splotchy mess. No one likes a boat that’s sporting some faded metal do they? Nope! That’s where Meguiar’s Flagship Premium Metal Polish comes into play!

Using a mild polish to gently remove surface contamination, Meguiar’s Flagship Premium Metal Polish removes light oxidation and restores your metal’s natural shine. Once polished, the anti-corrosive polymers protect against future assaults!

Directions for use: Wash and dry metal to remove loose contaminants. Perform a test spot in an inconspicuous area first. Apply a small amount of product to a terry or microfiber applicator. Rub surface until shine is restored. Wipe residue with towel and enjoy your lasting shine!

5.64 oz.