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Meguiars Plastic Care Kit

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Item Description:

Meguiars Plastic Care Kit

One-stop-shop for total plastic care and restoration!

Meguiars magic potions for bringing back hazy, streaked, or yellowed clear plastic are #17 and #10. Itís no secret that the two of these, used in combination, can tackle the toughest of the tough! The Cleaner/Polisher duo delivers a powerful bite against dirt, grime, scratches, and aging, unlike no other partnership. Meguiars has been in the surface enhancement business for over a centuryóif anyone knows, they know! And, the tools you use to apply the products are the keys to success. A high quality Cobra waffle-weave glass towel plus two foam applicator pads complete the kit, giving you all the ammo needed to revive clear plastics of any kind.

Step 1óClean
Meguiars #17 Plastic Cleaner penetrates, lifts, and loosens grime and grunge that seems to have adhered permanently to the plasticódonít give up before youíve tried #17! Even the stubborn dirt that embeds itself deep in hairline scratches canít hold up to #17. Going beyond the job description of a mere ďcleaner,Ē #17 removes fine, hairline scratches and minor blemishes while cleaning! Using a foam applicator apply a quarter-sized amount to the pad. Gently massage cleaner into the plastic. Agitate in circular motions to break the bond between the grime and the plastic. When youíre satisfied, use a clean microfiber towel to buff away residue and reveal an astoundingly clean surface. The freshly cleaned surfaces are sparkling and primed--ready for the polishing step.

Step 2óPolish
Meguiars #10 Plastic Polish, is every bit as important, if itís like-new, invisible plastic you desire. The polish does just thatóit polishes away anything that stands in the way of optical clarity. Edges and blemishes are smoothed out, perfecting the surface. Special additives eliminate static electricity in the plastic. When youíve completed Meguiars #17 and #10 prescription for not-so-clear plastic, all symptoms of cloudiness, haze, scratches and yellowingógone! Apply the polish the same way you used the cleaner, working in manageable sections. Buff away all residues. The result is sparkling, crystal clear plastic!

(If youíre the type that wants a quick, efficient daily use product for upkeep of all plastics, Meguiars prescribes Mirror Glaze #18, Clear Plastic Detailer. This, coupled with the combo shown here, are the only three products youíll need for maintaining plastic.)

More ideas for using #17 & #10: Boat windows, convertible windows, motorcycle wind screens, CDs, eyeglasses, instrument panels, computer screens, aquariums, skylights, and displays.

Get the most out of your Meguiarís #17 and #10 by applying them with Motherís PowerBall. The professional grade foam tabs are perfect for restoring clarity to hazy plastic. Use the PowerBall with your drill or polisher to remove fine scratches, yellowing, stains, and haze from clear plastic convertible top windows, motorcycle windscreens, boat windshields and portholes, and headlight lens covers. Sold separately.

Meguiars Mirror Glaze Plastic Care Kit includes:
#17 Clear Plastic Cleaner
#10 Clear Plastic Polish
1 Cobra Microfiber Towel (16Ē x 16Ē)
2 Yellow Foam Applicator Pads

A total retail value of $30.85. Save $5.86!

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Meguiars Plastic Care Kit