Meguiars Hybrid Wash Mitt

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Ever used a wash mitt that can wash AND wax!?

The Meguiar's Hybrid Wash Mitt is a dual-sided wash mitt designed to be used with the Meguiar's Hybrid Wash & Wax. With one side (the plush, orange, chenille fingers side) for use during washing and scrubbing, and the other (the gray microfiber side) for use during a final buff, the Meguiar's Hybrid Wash Mitt continues the two-in-one features of other Meguiar's Hybrid products. Constructed using super plush materials that help prevent scratching and marring, the Meguiar's Hybrid Wash Mitt can safely be used with any car wash!

When it comes to detailing tools, wash mitts are kind of a big deal. You want one that will remove surface contamination without much effort, but also one that will not scratch or mar your paint. Well Meguiar's has done BOTH of those things AND taken it a step farther by combining two steps (washing and spreading of coating) into one wash mitt! Does your wash mitt do that?


• Fully saturate wash mitt before use.
• Use the Orange side with chenille fingers to wash and remove any surface contamination.
• Flip to the Gray side (on the same panel) and buff.
• Return the mitt to the bucket after each section.
• Once washing is completed, rinse thoroughly with clean water and allow to fully dry.
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