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Meguiars DA Waxing Power Pads

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Item Description:

For the perfect application of your wax!

Moves quickly in large spaces, yet small enough for tight areas

Lays a perfect, even coat of product for maximum gloss

Premium foam creates a luxurious high gloss finish

The Meguiars DA Waxing Power Pads are replacement pads that are identical to the pad found in the Meguiars DA Waxing Power Pack. This ultra soft foam pad is designed to work with Meguiars Ultimate Wax to deliver a perfectly even coat of wax across the paint's finish in just minutes. The premium black foam will produce a high gloss finish on the paint.

Meguiars DA Power System takes an ordinary drill and arms it with the swirl removing power of a forced rotation DA polisher. Forced Rotation DA polishers are also know for their ability to leave a perfectly uniform wax coating on the paint that reflects light evenly. Use the Meguiars DA Waxing Power Pads on your Meguiars DA Power System for a perfect coat of wax.

2 pack.

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Meguiars DA Waxing Power Pads