Meguiars DA Power System

Meguiars DA Power SystemDiscontinued

Meguiars DA Power System takes an ordinary drill and arms it with the swirl removing power of a forced rotation DA polisher. Removing swirl marks and light surface scratches is not only time consuming, but it is exhausting. Enthusiasts have used drills before to polish paint, but also at a great risk. The direct spinning motion of a drill is identical the spinning motion of a rotary polisher. Meguiars eliminated this risk by creating the DA Power System that converts your drill into a paint-safe dual-action polisher.

While the Meguiars Power System is not a replacement for a DA buffer, it is a great introduction to power tool buffing for those who've been leery of buffers or simply don't have the budget for one. If you have a corded power drill you can now machine polish your car, boat, RV, etc. Great for spot repairs or tight spots like A-pillars and bumpers, the Meguiar's Power System utilizes Meguiar's Power Pack pads for a variety of correction, polishing and waxing needs.

Turn your drill into a Dual-Action Polisher!

  • Polish, wax, and seal with the DA Power System
  • Forced rotation movement is safe and effective for defect correction
  • Attaches to any corded drill
  • Attaches to any corded drill