Meguiars Citrus Blast Wash and Wax

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Time and water saving

Weeks of protection with carnauba wax

Washing and waxing in 1 step

High lubricity, lower chance of scratches


Why canít we save time AND have a clean car?

Remember the times where you had to do a full bucket wash, then take more time out of your day off to apply a layer of wax, only for it to last a few weeks? Well, washing and waxing no longer needs to take up most of your day! With the Meguiarís Citrus Bast Wash and Wax, you can get a quality clean, easy rinse, and a layer of wax all in one application!

The Meguiarís Citrus Bast Wash and Wax has powerful cleaning agents that will lift dirt and grime with ease while still leaving behind a high-quality wax that will last you for weeks! With an amazing citrus smell to it, it will add a fun and exciting twist to washing your car! Itís not quite known, but you can damage your cars finish when loose dirt and other small particles get dragged (accidentally of course) across the paint. With the Meguiarís Citrus Bast Wash and Wax lubricity, the chances of this are brought down to a minimal! When youíre all done, simply wash it away and you will have a protected and shining exterior with Meguiarís Citrus Bast Wash and Wax!

To help ensure you get the best results, it is recommended to us a high-quality wash mitt or sponge. Rinsing often to ensure it is clean as you go. When done, dry using a designated drying towel.

Dilution Ratio: 1:128 (1 oz per gallon of water)

Size: 128 oz.

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