Meguiars M799 PRO Ceramic Bead Booster - 32 oz

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INCREASED GLOSS & PROTECTION: Hybrid Ceramic Si02 spray sealant restores gloss, slickness & beading to coatings

MULTIPLE USES: Versatile and dilutable formula works as a spray sealant, boosted detailer & clay lube

DURABLE PROTECTION: Durable beading protection on Paint Protection Film, paint & coatings

EASY TO USE: Convenient mist and wipe can even be used in full sun

Go on, give your beading a quick boost

Meguiar’s M799 Pro Ceramic Bead Booster is an extremely versatile pro-grade formula that can be used in several different ways, including: as a coating topper, drying aide, boosted spray detailer or synthetic clay bar lubricant. Its primary function is to perform as a maintenance spray to top and enhance Meguiar’s M788 Ceramic Paint Coating to restore maximum slickness and hydrophobic properties. However, it also delivers outstanding results when used as a drying aide, quick detailer and clay lube. Use M799 at full strength as a standalone sealant or as a maintenance product over M788 (or another ceramic coating). Dilute 1 part water to 3 parts M799 for use as a clay lube, drying aide, or as a boosted quick detailer that can even be used in the sun. No matter how you use it, expect to get excellent durability, darkness, gloss and slickness with in an easy to use spray.


  • Uses and Dilutions:
  • Full-strength – Use as a spray and wipe standalone sealant.
  • Boosted Detailer – 1:3 (1-part water, 3-parts product)
  • Clay Lube: 1:3 (1-part water, 3-parts product)
  • Drying Aid - 1:3 (1-part water, 3-parts product)

NOTE: M799 features a unique Self-Leveling Technology – if slight haze of film remains after final wipe, do not be alarmed. Allow up to 15 minutes for the product to self-level, maximizing gloss and protection. Product fully cures in 24 hours. M799 is NOT body shop safe, BUT IS safe on paint, ceramic coating, wraps, paint protection films & matte finishes!

32 oz.

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