Meguiars M67 One Step Marine Compound

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Meguiars M67 One Step Marine Compound utilizes advanced diminishing abrasive technology to tackle heavy imperfections and leave a smooth finish behind. This unique formulation will take lifeless, dull, oxidized gel coat and bring it back to its original look. Meguiars M67 One Step Marine Compound is designed to provide aggressive cutting action at the beginning of the buffing cycle that gradually diminishes to a fine polish for a clean, glossy, and smooth finish that's ready for wax! Any boat owner can tell you: after extended time on the water, the fiberglass gel coat surface of any boat will become dull and chalky if not properly maintained. This affects the overall look of the boat and makes the colors look hazy and unattractive. Many boat owners will also tell you that the only way to correct this common problem is to use a two or even three step buffing process followed by a wax or sealant. Meguiars M67 One Step Marine Compound changes that! In one step, your boat will be rid of dulling oxidation and the smooth, glossy surface will be ready for your favorite wax. Since your boat is in the water it faces challenges that your car doesn't, and Meguiars M67 One Step Marine Compound was formulated specifically for the unique needs of a boat. Meguiars M67 One Step Marine Compound removes all of the imperfections that hinder your boat's shine including scratches, heavy oxidation, water spots, fuel and exhaust stains, and more! Follow it up with a wax or sealant and it's smooth sailing for you and your boat! One easy-to-use product is all you need to breathe life back into your boat, and it can be applied by hand or with your preferred dual action or rotary machine. Using a machine will provide the best results, but this versatile formula will work when used by hand, so rest assured that every inch of your boat will shine. Meguiars M67 One Step Marine Compound is tough enough to annihilate oxidation, yet finishes smooth! 32 oz.
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