McKee’s 37 FAST Metal Polish

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Heavy cutting power with a a picture-perfect finish.

McKee’s 37 Fast Metal Polish is one of the most versitile metal polishes on the market today as it is safe to use on aluminum, chrome, stainless, diamond plate, brass, copper, gold and silver. The ammonia-free Formula of McKee’s 37 Fast Metal Polish has a pleasant fragrance, making it a joy to work with. McKee’s 37 Fast Metal Polish utilizes advanced abrasive technology that allows it to cut like an aggressive metal polish yet finish like a fine metal polish. But wait, there’s more! McKee’s 37 Fast Metal Polish also features an anti-corrosive agent that leaves behind a protective coating to resist oxidation and staining on your polishes metal pieces.

Chrome and Aluminum are some of the most popular trim pieces on car yet are often ignored in the detailing process. Failure to properly treat these surfaces result in dull and discolored spots which often stand out like a sore thumb on metal pieces. McKee’s 37 Fast Metal Polish assists in eradicating those common defects and leaving behind a protected surface to prevent future oxidation and discoloration.

8 oz.

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