Marine 31 Fabric and Vinyl Cleaner Gallon and 20 oz. Combo

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Gently remove what the sea leaves behind!

Advanced surfactant technology cleans without harsh chemicals

Cleans and revives fabric, vinyl, and canvas materials

Eco-friendly and harbor-safe

Dirt, salt, mineral deposits, traffic, and suntan oils make the marine environment one of the toughest for fabric and vinyl surfaces. Marine 31 Fabric & Vinyl Cleaner is a gentle water-based cleaner designed to remove various types of soiling and stains from fabric and vinyl surfaces. Based around a new technology in cleaning surfactants, Marine 31 Fabric & Vinyl Cleaner will not affect the delicate ecology of aquatic life. Marine 31 Fabric & Vinyl Cleaner is harbor-safe and eco-friendly.

Marine 31 Fabric & Vinyl Cleaner has the power to remove the difficult soil that embeds itself into fabrics, upholstery, and canvas. Advanced surfactant technology makes water more effective, allowing the solution to breakdown and lift dirt, grime, soiling, lotion, grease, and fish scaling from vinyl, fabric, and upholstery without the use of acid ethers or caustic detergents. Marine 31 Fabric & Vinyl Cleaner wipes away completely without leaving behind residues that can attract more dirt. Furthermore, it does not need to be rinsed away so you do not flush the dirty residue into the harbor or waterway.

Use Marine 31 Fabric & Vinyl Cleaner on all vinyl, carpet, canvas, and upholstery surfaces in the inside and on the outside of your boat. Keeping these surfaces clean is the first step in prolonging their life and increasing the joy you get from piloting your ship through the bays. For maximum protection, follow cleaning with a light coat of Marine 31 Vinyl Protectant with SunBlock on vinyl surfaces.

Marine 31 Fabric & Vinyl Cleaner is not just for boat use! Use it on your personal watercraft, RV, floats, rafts, tubes or around the house!

  1. Rinse surface with water to remove loose dirt.
  2. Spray directly onto the wet surface and lightly scrub with a soft brush or terry cloth.
  3. When cleaning stains, allow Marine 31 Fabric & Vinyl Cleaner to dwell for 30 seconds.
  4. Rinse thoroughly with water or wipe with a dry towel.
A Word From the Captain's Chair: Treat your clean vinyl surfaces with Marine 31 Vinyl Protectant with SunBlock for long-lasting protection. Anchors Up!

128 oz. and 20 oz. Bottle Combo

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