McKee’s 37 Wax Remover for Plastic

Item Description:

McKee’s 37 Wax Remover for Plastic is an easy-to-use product that will rid your vehicle of unsightly dried-on wax residue for good! This unique, gentle formula actually dissolves even the toughest wax, compound, and polish residues leaving behind nothing but a perfectly clean trim piece. McKee’s 37 Wax Remover for Plastic eliminates those unsightly white marks in less time and with less effort than you thought possible!

Nothing spoils an otherwise perfect detail like a patch of dried on wax or polish residue on plastic trim. To make matters worse, it?s always SO obvious?a big white mess on your deep black trim! Sometimes it seems like these spots pop up after EVERY detail, even when you?ve meticulously taped off and protect what seemed like everything! Even the pros will see a white spot every now and again, and that?s where McKee’s 37 Wax Remover for Plastic comes in handy.

Whether it?s on plastic, rubber, or vinyl a splatter or smear of your compound, polish, or wax can sully an otherwise perfect detail. Don?t let that happen again! Keep a bottle of McKee’s 37 Wax Remover for Plastic on hand at all times and any detailing missteps will be quickly resolved?err?dissolved! A quick spritz of McKee’s 37 Wax Remover for Plastic followed by a little agitation with a brush or towel will COMPLETELY eliminate the residue. That?s right, there won?t be even the hint of a faint stain to remind you of the time you bumped your buffing pad into the trim! And just in case you overdo it with McKee’s 37 Wax Remover for Plastic, the formula is clear coat safe, so you can safely wipe away any accidental overspray.

Instructions for Use:
Shake McKee’s 37 Wax Remover for Plastic well before use. Always work on a clean, dry surface that is cool to the touch and out of direct sunlight.
  1. Spray McKee’s 37 Wax Remover for Plastic directly onto the affected area.
  2. Allow to dwell.
  3. Agitate the area with a nylon brush or with a microfiber or terrycloth towel.
  4. Wipe an residue off of the surface.
  5. Apply a coat of McKee?s 37 Trim Detailer to seal and protect the surface.

8 oz.

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By George
Centennial , Colorado
July 13, 2019
It Works!!
I used this on the black areas in the back of my car where there was was wax residue. I sprayed it on & rubbed with a toothbrush. After i wiped the area clean and let it dry, the white waxed area was gone.
Great product!!
ProsEasy to use.
By Bob g.
Gaston, nc
August 7, 2018
Lower your expectations
Overpriced. Requires much scrubbing with a brush and multiple applications. There must be something better.
By Maria
Aurora, IL
August 16, 2017
Finally something that truly does the it!
Like many out there, I've tried all sorts of degreasers, rubbing alcohol and even magic and pencil erasers. But it was only a temporary fix for those spots where your masking tape slipped while buffing/waxing, or you thought you were more careful but found out later you were wrong. This stuff works great! You may need to go at it with a brush on textured plastics, even a second pass in some cases, but it WILL eventually do the trick. I've even used it on rubber trim with a couple passes of a microfiber towel. A must have item in your detail arsenal!
ProsIt actually works Has a sort of banana daiquiri sent
By ken
September 10, 2016
Wax remover
Best new product to come out in a long time...
ProsEasy use