Meguiars M100 Pro Speed Compound 128 oz.

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Extreme cutting speed for the professional! Extreme results for the enthusiast!!!

Advanced compound quickly removes up to 1200 grade sanding marks

Removes deep scratches, acid rain marks, and severe paint damage

Designed to work on fresh and cured paint with a rotary polisher

Meguiars M100 Pro Speed Compound was designed for the professional but is good enough for enthusiasts and detailers. This is a fast cutting compound that utilizes Meguiars' advanced Super Micro Abrasive Technology to quickly eliminate paint defects and leave a finish behind that has minimal buffer swirl marks. Meguiars M100 Pro Speed Compound contains no fillers, waxes, or silicones. It is completely body-shop safe!

Body shop professionals prefer a wool pad and a rotary polisher to restore gloss to the paint after sanding. Meguiars M100 Pro Speed Compound is designed to produce superior results when used in this environment. The SMAT abrasive system that Meguiars has perfected in other polishes allows M100 to quickly eliminate paint defects and restore gloss. These abrasives are so refined that they leave behind a finish that requires minimal follow up polishing. This increases profit potential by reducing the time spent on each vehicle.

If you are a professional detailer or an enthusiast who prefers to use a rotary polisher then Meguiars M100 Pro Speed Compound will fit your extreme polishing needs. Oxidation, blend lines, acid damage, and more are quickly removed from the paint with little effort. Meguiars M100 Pro Speed Compound delivers professional cutting power with an enthusiast friendly finish.

For best results finish using Meguiars M205 Ultra Finishing Polish or your favorite finishing polish on an appropriate pad.

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