LOWRIDER Ultimate Car Care

LOWRIDER Ultimate Car Care Discontinued

LOWRIDER Ultimate Car Care strives to help you clean and protect the interior and exterior surfaces of your vehicle. After years of research and development, and huge anticipation, the LOWRIDER brand was launched in the fall of 2014. Its introduction marked a new era for consumers with an introductory line that boasts products suitable for use by professionals, enthusiasts, and novices alike.

The LOWRIDER line features all of the products you need to clean and maintain your vehicle. From the cornerstone LOWRIDER Extreme Car Wash and LOWRIDER Extreme Wheel Cleaner, to the shine enhancing LOWRIDER Liquid Wax and use-on-the-go LOWRIDER Perfect Shine Quick Detailer, LOWRIDER car care provides the products you need to keep your vehicle looking car-show ready! Try LOWRIDER Ultimate Car Care products for all of your detailing needs so you can take pride in your ride!