Life Hammer Ultra Safety Vest

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Item Description:

Increase visibility on the roadside

High visibility, lightweight safety vest

Stores flat

Includes storage pouch

The Life Hammer Ultra Safety Vest increases your level of visibility on the roadside after an emergency occurs. The bright-yellow fabric and reflective striping will help passing motorists see you, keeping you safer on the road’s shoulder. The Life Hammer Ultra Safety Vest folds flat in the included storage pouch so that it can easily be stored under the floor mat.

No matter what the roadside emergency is—a flat tire, mechanical problem, or accident—you want to stay as safe as possible after. We all know that the side of a busy highway is no place to be, but there are times when it’s simply impossible to avoid and that’s where the Life Hammer Ultra Safety Vest becomes vital to your safety. Whether the incident occurs at night o in the middle of the afternoon, the Life Hammer Ultra Safety Vest will make you more visible to other motorists, helping to keep you safer as you fix the problem.

Each Life Hammer Ultra Safety Vest come in a convenient pouch that allows for flat storage. The pouch includes an easy-to-grab label tab that Velcros onto your vehicle’s floor mat. The Velcro tab keeps the Life Hammer Ultra Safety Vest in place and at hand when you need it most! When an emergency occurs, all you have to do is grab the tab and put on your vest. Pick one up for each floor mat so that all of your passengers can be safer too!

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