Lexol Value Pack

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A great value in Lexol Leather Care!

Includes 16 oz. spray bottles of Leather Conditoner, Leather Cleaner, and Vinylex.

Two poly-foam applicators make caring for your surfaces easy.

A great value, over $6.00 off of the retail price!

Now you can get Lexol Leather Cleaner, Lexol Leather Conditioner, and Lexol�s patented Vinylex together in one kit � and Autopia-CarCare throw in the applicator pads. With convenient spray bottles, you can apply as much or as little product as you need to get the job done.

This kit contains:

16 oz. Leather Cleaner spray

Lexol Leather Cleaner is balanced to match the pH of leather. This preserves the leather's strength, durability and appearance. The foaming action penetrates the pores of leather to lift and suspend dirt and oils. These contaminants are then easily rinsed away. Lexol-pH leaves no residue like soaps and will not contribute to fiber deterioration. Lexol Leather Cleaner contains no waxes or oils to interfere with the cleaning action and causes no buildup. All that�s left is clean leather.

16 oz. Leather Conditioner spray

Lexol Leather Conditioner preserves the strength, beauty and flexibility of old and new leather. It also brings new life and resiliency to old or neglected leather that has become cracked or hardened. Lexol Leather Conditioner is an emulsion much like those used in leather tanning. Its oils have been modified for even distribution and penetration without leaving a greasy or tacky surface. Lexol Spray Leather Conditioner is nonflammable, odorless, non-toxic and non-sensitizing to the skin.

Kit is great for leather interior and dash!

16 oz. Vinylex spray

Lexol Vinylex is a state-of-the-art protectant that combines cleaning, protection and beautifying properties in an easy to use one-step product. It actually penetrates below the surface layer to restore the underlying plasticizers. Of the five patents that govern silicone protectants, Vinylex carries two of them. Lexol Vinylex will leave a clean, renewed surface without being too shiny and never oily. It cleans and protects vinyl, plastic, and rubber surfaces and keeps them looking like new.

The kit also includes two foam applicator pads for your convenience. Just spray product and wipe the surface with a pad. None of these products require buffing.

Kit includes:

Lexol Leather Cleaner

Lexol Leather Conditioner

Lexol Vinylex

2 Poly Foam applicators

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