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Leather Master Aerosol Leather Degreaser 300 ml.

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Item Description:

Don't just clean your leather, degrease it!

Converts harmful human body oil to harmless powder

Removes old and stubborn grease stains

Easy-to-apply and clean

Leather Master Leather Degreaser is an unique and easy-to-use formula that converts harmful grease and human body oils into an easy-to-remove dry power. Leather Master Leather Degreaser dissolves oils and transforms them into a powder that is more absorbent than the leather. The resulting powder is easy-to-remove leaving your leather clean.

Body oil and grease can damage your leather over time as it penetrates into the hide. Leather Master Leather Degreaser neutralizes and removes these harmful chemicals. This is an aerosol product that does contain solvent so proper ventilation is suggested. Spray Leather Master Leather Degreaser onto the stain and allow to re-act. If accessible, apply Leather Degreaser to the back or unfinished side of the leather as it is easier to pull the stain out that way. Old or extremely stubborn stains may require several applications for best results.

300 ml. Aerosol.

Federal regulations prohibit the shipment of aerosol products by air. This item is shipped by ground service only.

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Leather Master Aerosol Leather Degreaser 300 ml.