Kwazar Venus Super HD Compression Sprayer

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The Kwazar Venus Super HD Compression Sprayer is an extremely heavy-duty, incredibly chemical resistant pressure sprayer designed specifically for use with the toughest of surface-care chemicals. This thoughtfully-crafted device delivers consistent results time and time again, even when used with the harshest of detailing products. The Kwazar Venus Super HD Compression Sprayer is arguably one of the strongest, most heavy-duty aftermarket sprayers available, and it will quickly become your favorite!

We’ve all done it: we’ve tried to get away with using a cheap discount store spray bottle when we knew it wouldn’t last. You probably told yourself you would just throw the bottle away after using it, but when you didn’t use all of the solution, you put it on the shelf for next time. Only next time, the bottle had been eaten away and you found your shelf covered in dangerous chemical ooze! Don’t worry, even most seasoned detailers have stories like this, and they only stand to teach us the right way to do things. Next time, you’ll reach for the Kwazar Venus Super HD Compression Sprayer and your tough chemicals will stay put indefinitely – no more leaking messes on your detailing shelf!

The Kwazar Venus Super HD Compression Sprayer is chemically resistant by design. The Viton seals are built to resist even the harshest of solvent-based and acidic chemical compounds making this the ideal applicator system for cleaning greasy engine bays and neglected wheels – just mix up a batch of your favorite heavy-duty cleaner using the embossed fill line as a guide, pump up the sprayer, hit the trigger, and apply an even layer over the surface!

The Kwazar Venus Super HD Compression Sprayer features a heavy-duty brass 360° rotating spray nozzle that won’t break down when exposed to chemicals over time. The rotation capabilities help to ensure full coverage, even when the surface features sharp angles and other hard to reach areas, and offers applications from fine mist, to full stream. The transparent visi-strip make it easy to see just how much of your solution is left in the bottle, while the stable base makes storage easier and prevents tipping. Use the Kwazar Venus Super HD Compression Sprayer on wheels and wheel wells, engine bays, the undercarriage and more! The Kwazar Venus Super HD Compression Sprayer has everything you need to apply even the harshest chemicals with ease!

1.5 Liters

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Northeast, OH
Nice way to evenly spread/dispense liquids
January 27, 2017
Grabbed this with Gyeon Wetcoat in mind, works wonderfully in that application. Much easier to apply evenly as opposed to trigger sprayer that comes with Gyeon bottle. End of day, even if needing to pump/re-pressurize this a time or two it beats squeezing the Gyeon bottle trigger over and over when doing an application. Plan on picking up another one for application of decon chems (Iron-X or similar)
Quick, easier than squeezing trigger bottle dispenser numerous times Nice, even application Little $$ for what is essentially a spray bottle but if it holds up to the harsher chems like iron removers, worth it.
By Steven P.
Cleveland, Ohio
Kwazar Spray Bottle
December 16, 2015
This sprayer is heavy duty with a bottom made so it does not tip over like those cheap ones. I thought it was very good at watering down any soap suds from my usual one bucket a day wipe down of car. The sprayer only needed one fill up and was worth it compared to dragging around the hose.
The only spray bottle you will need. Expensive.