Kwazar Mercury Pro 1 Liter Spray Bottle- Red - 33 oz

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Twice the coverage with half the effort.

Double action sprayers deliver twice the product per pump.

Chemical resistant bottles last a long time.

Use with window cleaners, wheel cleaners, APC's, clay lubricants, spray waxes, and detail sprays

Kwazar Mercury Pro + 1 Liter Spray Bottles might be the best sprayers you ever use! Each trigger sprayer delivers twice the output per pump, trimming time and effort off every detail you do. The Kwazar Mercury Pro + 1 Liter Spray Bottle is a professional grade, adjustable, double-action sprayer suitable for any detailing job. Kwazar Mercury Pro + 1 Liter Spray Bottles are made from durable materials with Viton seals that provide excellent resistance to aggressive chemicals. Each Kwazar sprayer includes an integrated fluid filter and a translucent bottle with embossed scale for easy measuring.

Every pump of a Kwazar Mercury Pro + Spray Bottle delivers twice the product onto the surface! Coat vehicle surfaces in seconds.

Available in blue, green, red, and yellow.

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By Bruno
Best spray bottle ever
October 4, 2017
This is the best out there. I've tried several bottles and this is a whole different level. So amazing. The trigger is perfect. Sprays twice for each trigger actuation. Bottle is good size and weight. Feels very robust. I wish it was cheaper, I'd replace every single one of my bottles with Kwazar bottles. Both 0.5L and 1L sizes are great.
  • Everything about this bottle is a pro
  • None
By Phil
Northern Illinois
Heavy filled but works
December 13, 2016
After filling this 1 liter bottle and screwing on the sprayer top I felt like the filled bottle is now heavy for the thinner sprayer neck. You'll tilt the bottle to point the spray at the surface and the weight puts a lot of tension on your wrist.

While the neck is thick plastic, hanging the heavy water weight off that thin area made my natural tendency to use my other hand to support the bottom of the bottle while it's tilted spraying the hood etc.

After heavily coating an SUV I had plenty of product leftover in the bottle so my plan is to buy the smaller 17 oz bottle.

  • Fully adjustable spray, Stream to mist. Does what it says. Sprays on the squeeze and upon the release. Great for rinseless washing to get enough product on the vehicle quickly without cramping your wrist.
  • Heavy when filled and maybe un-rightfully so I fear if it's going to break that point will be where the vertical sprayer neck connects to the horizontal(ish) internal pump mechanism housing.
  • I bought this to avoid hand cramping from spraying but the tension it puts on your wrist kinda negates that feature.
  • I can see if you need more product and to save space with the one bottle you would put up with that though. Just be forewarned.
By Steve
Cleveland, Ohio
Kwazar Bottle
January 15, 2016
A big 1 liter bottle to spray window and carpet cleaner. I use this one now for all windows as it has itself spray when one presses on handle and release for finer mist spray setting.
  • I use a universal cleaner for most house items so this one has to last and it seems like it can! the turn knob works well for different spray settings. If it lasts 10 years it helps clean up clutter of 5 cheaper bottles with cleaners in them.
  • Price at 1/2 off would be a bonanza! It is absurdly expensive at first glance. If it lasts 10 years it does pay for itself against those thin shelled bottles that jam up or break in one month.
By Philip
San Diego, CA
Interesting concept but...
July 13, 2015
Bought more for curiousity and wanted something that would save me time for my waterless washes. I like the spray pattern. It can do a very fine even mist which is great. What I don't like is how most of the spray is on the release of the handle so I can't really control the amount of product that comes out. Also expensive compared to traditional spray bottles. We'll see about durability...
  • Fine even spray pattern.
  • Potential saves hand effort and time.
  • Hard to control amount of product dispensed due to most of the product is sprayed on the release phase.
By justin
Cleveland Heights, OH
Best Spray Bottle You Can Own.
February 6, 2015
These bottles spray when you squeeze the trigger AND when you release the trigger. This makes spraying very fast and efficient. The bottle seems to spray better the longer I own it.
  • Sprays when trigger is pulled and released
  • Heavy-duty plastic
  • Sprays every time; never fails
By QianJun
Ames, IA
Great for waterless wash!
November 20, 2014
This spray bottle is great for waterless wash! I use it with meguiar's d115, absolutely love it !

And it great for any product you want to spray on a large surface or just simply wanna save some time.
  • high quality
  • fine mist
  • great for waterless wash
  • pricey
By Bob
Shoreview, Minnesota
Great for waterless wash and QD
September 7, 2014
I have several of these and I love using them for waterless wash and clay lube. Any time I would be pulling the trigger a lot and want a fine mist.

If I want volume, I go with a garden sprayer. The kwazar has a much finer mist and consumer very little product when used correctly.

mine have been very durable using non-corrosive chemicals
  • very fine mist
  • saves trigger pulls
  • great for washerless wash and clay lube
  • cost