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KozaKŪ Auto DryWash 3.8 sq. ft.

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Item Description:

Clean your car without water!

3.8 square feet cleans the average-sized car at least 50 times.

No chemicals or run-off.

Leaves the surface looking waxed.

The Kozak Auto DryWash is the easy way to safely clean and polish your car without water. Constructed of a unique all-cotton fabric treated with an exclusive chemical formula, each Kozak Auto DryWash cloth will clean an average-sized car at least 50 times -- eliminating the need for four out of five "wet" washings. The Kozak Auto DryWash removes dirt, dust, and road grime while creating a reflective shine.

3.8 sq. ft.

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KozaKŪ Auto DryWash 3.8 sq. ft.