Kenotek Polish & Wax

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Kenotek Polish & Wax is an all-in-one product that will leave your vehicle glossy and protected with each application. This easy-to-use formula simplifies your detailing routine by blending special micro-abrasives, polymers, and carnauba wax into a perfect polish. Kenotek Polish & Wax eliminates light swirls and marring leaving a mirror-like shine in its wake.

Not all cars need a full three-step correction, and not all detailers have time to perform one! In those instances, an effective all-in-one product is the ideal solution. Kenotek Polish & Wax contains everything you need to gently polish away paint imperfections, impart a glossy shine, and protect paintwork in one easy step!

Kenotek Polish & Wax is a versatile blend of abrasives, polymers, and traditional carnauba that can be applied by hand or with your favorite machine polisher. Each time you use it, you’ll not only improve the appearance of your vehicle by correcting wash-induced swirl marks, light scratches, and other mild imperfections, you’ll also leave a layer of durable protection that will help maintain that look mile after mile. Kenotek Polish & Wax is the ideal way to simplify your detailing routine!

13.5 oz.

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