Kenotek Leather Cream

Kenotek Leather CreamDiscontinued

Kenotek Leather Cream cleans and conditions leather surfaces to help maintain the look and feel that makes leather so popular. This gentle and effective formula simplifies your leather maintenance routine without skimping on quality and results. Kenotek Leather Cream features a carefully blended emulsion of the finest quality raw materials that allow it to moisturize, renew, and protect with each application.

Leather is a very unique material: It’s beautiful, it feels great to the touch, and it is quite expensive. Once you take the plunge and spring for that leather trim package, you have to take measures to maintain it or your investment will be for naught, but with so many leather care products out there choosing one can be daunting. Kenotek Leather Cream simplifies that decision by offering a high-quality, one-step product that cleans and maintains leather better than cheap discount store formulas can.

Kenotek Leather Cream cleans and conditions, as many lesser products claim to do, however Kenotek Leather Cream does not leave a greasy film behind—just the authentic scent of new leather! It gently cleans away dirt, grime, body salts, and other contaminants from leather, restoring the soft, supple texture that makes it so desirable in the first place. Keep your leather looking, feeling, and smelling like new with Kenotek Leather Cream.

13.5 oz.