Kenotek Glass Cleaner

Kenotek Glass CleanerDiscontinued

Kenotek Glass Cleaner is a premium formula that leaves crystal-clear, streak-free glass with every use. The concentrated spray is capable of cutting through the toughest film and grime revealing the clean glass you need to arrive at your destination safely. Kenotek Glass Cleaner is safe for use on tinted windows, too!

Clean glass is an absolute necessity on the road. Day or night, you need visibility and streaks, smears, and smudges cause a distraction. Before you reach for some cheap, discount store glass cleaner, consider your safety and the safety of your passengers! Kenotek Glass Cleaner cleans better than other glass cleaners and is completely safe for tinted windows. Youíll have sparkling clear glass without streaks or smudging!

Kenotek Glass Cleaner is ammonia-free making it safe for use on all windows, including those with tinting, and it can even be used on plastic, metal, chrome, and rubber making it a truly versatile addition to your detailing shelf. Even though the formula is gentle enough to use virtually anywhere, itís still highly effective at eliminating the streaks and film that hinder your visibility. Kenotek Glass Cleaner safely removes bugs, road grime, fresh water spots, smokerís film, and more!

33.8 oz.