Kenotek Brilliant Wash

Kenotek Brilliant WashDiscontinued

Kenotek Brilliant Wash provides a safe and effective car wash formula that whisks away dirt and road grime with ease. Featuring a wax-safe, pH-neutral formula, Brilliant Wash removes all of the contaminants that rob your vehicle of its shine, without removing the wax or sealant that you worked hard to apply. Kenotek Brilliant Wash is an ideal maintenance wash product that offers great results and has a grapefruit scent that will make you want to wash your vehicle more often!

Routine washes are a fact of life, whether your vehicle is a daily driver or a garage queen. A trip down the highway can leave your car covered in road grime, bugs, and other contaminants and even a life in the garage will yield a dusty, fingerprinted finish from time to time. When you need to perform a routine maintenance wash, and donít want to jeopardize the wax or sealant protection already in place, use Kenotek Brilliant Wash!

Kenotek Brilliant Wash is specially formulated to be tough on grime, but gentle on paintóand you! Kenotek Brilliant Wash wonít dry out paint or your hands! Its rich, concentrated formula provides a foamy, luxurious wash mixture for your vehicle that gently lifts dirt particles to toward the surface where you can safely wipe them away with your wash mitt. With Kenotek Brilliant Wash, you can start enjoying your maintenance washes again!

33.8 oz.