Jescar Ultra Lock Plus - 16 oz.

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New ceramic-polymer based protection

Longer lasting SiO2 based formulation

Guarantees an ultra-deep finish

Fast and nearly effortless application

Beyond power lock!

Jescar Ultra Lock+ is the next innovation from the Jescar Finishing team. Capitalizing on their profound knowledge of polymer technology and combining it with SiO2 ceramic particles, Jescar Ultra Lock+ was created. This new, advanced formulation delivers more depth, and more protection than traditional sealants with the same easy application you would expect from a Jescar product. Thatís not everything either. Jescar Ultra Lock+ provides stunning hydrophobics along with its deep, wet shine. Now you just need to ask yourself if youíre ready to experience the next evolution of paint sealants.

POLYMER FUZION! Jescar Ultra Lock+ combines the best of both worlds for your enjoyment!
Whatís better than Jescarís famous polymer technology? That same legendary shine combined with SiO2, thatís what! Jescar Ultra Lock+ uses an advanced blend of SiO2 and polymer technology to redefine what you would expect from a paint sealant!

ENHANCED HYDROPHOBICS! Create dazzling water activity with a ceramic infused sealant!
Ready for the next level of gloss and hydrophobics? The fusion of polymers and SiO2 particles create dazzling water activity across a new level of paint depth. If youíve been seeking the glassy, deep shine of ceramic without the tedious application, itís right here.

FORTIFIED PROTECTION! Bring your paint protection to the next level with minimal effort!
Better protection doesnít need to be harder to apply. At least to Jescar. Jescar Ultra Lock+ combines the easy application process that you would expect from Jescar Finishing Products and brings the protection level up a few bars. The unique blend of SiO2 added in this formula delivers a new level of protection that you may never want to turn back from.


  • Use a soft foam or microfiber applicator to apply a thin layer of sealant.
  • Allow to dry to a haze and remove residue after 30 minutes, using a clean, dry, microfiber towel.

16 oz.

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