Jescar Trim and Tire Proctectant - 16 oz.

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Bring back that like new appearance of your trim

Protects and seals tires and rubber trim leaving a rich, dark appearance

Polymer technology for long lasting protection against contamination and harmful UV rays

Water-based cream applies easily on all rubber, plastic, vinyl, and metal parts

You canít call it finished with faded trim!

Jescar Tire & Trim Protectant was developed to solve all of your tire and trim woes. This polymer-based sealant creates a rich, dark luster on all of your plastic, vinyl, and rubber surfaces. Better yet, these same polymers provide enhanced protection from UV rays and road contamination. The water-based formulation of Jescar Tire & Trim Protectant can even be used on metal surfaces to create a deep, protected shine. If youíve been seeking a true solution for your vehicleís trim, you just found it.

WATER-BASED! You wonít get a greasy, oily finish when you use Jescar Tire & Trim Protectant!
Donít settle for greasy solutions that only mask your trim until the next time it rains. The water-based formulation of Jescar Tire & Trim Protectant produces a dark, rich finish thatís dry to the touch. And, you wonít have to worry about it coming off next time you hit a puddle!

POLYMER INFUSED! Jescar Tire & Trim Protectant uses polymers to create powerful protection!
To create a long-lasting protectant, Jescar reached for a key component it knows very well. Polymers. This polymer rich formulation creates a long-lasting layer of protection from just about anything nature can throw at it. Whether it be harsh UV rays or nasty road grime, youíre covered!

SATIN GLOW! Bring back that fresh new appearance of your older trim!
Not into the wet shine that you get from most trim protectants? Yeah, neither is Jescar. Jescar Tire & Trim Protectant uses its unique formulation to create a like-new satin sheen on your rubber, plastic, and vinyl surfaces. Once applied, you may even think it just rolled of the dealership property.


  • Shake well!
  • Clean the surface and dry completely before use.
  • Apply a small amount of product onto a foam applicator and apply to desired areas.

16 oz.

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