The Jescar Powerhouse Combo - Power Lock and Bead-

The Jescar Powerhouse Combo - Power Lock and Bead-

The Jescar Powerhouse Combo - Power Lock and Bead-

Product Application Guide: The Jescar Powerhouse Combo - Power Lock & Bead-It Application Guide
By: Will C. @ Autopia | 6-3-20

Many detailing professionals and hobbyists have known Jescar Power Lock for its intensive gloss and premium polymer content. What many don't know is that Jescar was the first to introduce this legacy of German quality products to our world of detailing. Since their inception in 1978, Jescar has become an industry standard due to their dialed-in focus on quality. Now over forty years later, Jescar has continued to stay on the spilling edge of car care technology with the introduction of ceramic sprays.

Today, we want to focus on how this newer technology can complement some familiar favorites. Jescar Bead-It is the latest release from Jescar featuring SiO2, an active ingredient in most ceramic coatings on the market today. Unlike their rigid ceramic counterparts, formulations such as Jescar Bead-It are far more versatile when it comes to application and product use. To showcase this, we are going to layer this 2015 Honda Civic in with Jescar Power Lock, then we'll top it with Jescar Bead-It to capitalize on every glossy aspect we love about paint protection.

Let's begin!

You won't want to start a procedure like this with a dirty car, so get your vehicle clean using proper techniques and a high-quality wash, such as the Jescar Auto Wash Foaming Shampoo. We will start this application by applying a thin layer of Jescar Power Lock. Using a foam or microfiber applicator, put a small amount of product on the pad and spread it across the applicator to prime it for application. This is generally a technique used when using a machine polisher, but preventing dry contact with the paint in any application is always the preferred method.

Start on one panel and apply a thin layer of Power Lock and begin working around the vehicle. Jescar Power Lock takes about 30 minutes to dry to a haze, depending on your area's ambient temperature, so you can work the entire vehicle at once.

Once the Power Lock as dried to a haze you can start buffing away the residue with a clean, high quality microfiber towel. If you are unsure if the product is ready to be removed, do a quick swipe with your finger; if the product wipes away clean, you're good to go. If it smears, just give it a few more minutes to dry fully.

Break the haze with a small circular motion and start creeping out from that point, working away at the edges of the haze. Power Lock is an extremely user-friendly product and won't require too much elbow grease to remove. If desired, you can double the layer of Power Lock, just wait about three hours after the first application to add the second layer.

In the same fashion, we will allow three hours of cure time before application of Jescar Bead-It. Similar to how I primed our applicator, I'll spray a light mist of Bead-It onto the face of the towel to prevent a dry wipe or towel skip. Then I'll spray Bead-It in a sweeping pattern across the panel I'm working on.

Once you have topped the vehicle off you will want to avoid washing for at least 24 hours for the best performance and longevity.

And just like that, you have protected your vehicle with two layers of protection and can now enjoy the fruits of your labor; even if it wasn't very labor intensive! The shimmering gloss will accent all paint types and yields a high surface tension to ensure dynamic water activity.

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