Jescar Heavy Cut Polish - 8 oz.

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Deep cut for deep imperfections

Jescar Heavy Cut Compound is the heavy hitter of the Jescar abrasive line. With the power to remove up to P1200 sanding marks, Jescar Heavy Cut Compound easily has the power to handle an array of deep or more severe paint imperfections. Better yet, Jescar Heavy Cut Compound is formulated without silicone or other additives which makes it perfect for body shops or paint shops. This versatile compound works well with both foam and wool cutting pads, as well as with DA and rotary machines.

DEEP CUT! Powerful abrasives can cut through deeps scratches and oxidation with ease!
Eliminate the need for multiple section passes and the struggle for paint perfection with Jescar Heavy Cut Compound. This powerful formulation contains strong abrasives to remove defects up to P1200 grit. Save time and energy by getting a compound built for the job at hand!

VERSATILE FORMULA! Can be used with a variety of different cutting pads and machine types!
Wool pad, foam pad, dual-action or rotary, Jescar has you covered. Simply get the correct setup for what you're working on and Jescar Heavy Cut Compound will handle the rest. With the cutting power to handle both paintwork and gelcoat, you'll be wondering why you didn't reach for Jescar Heavy Cut Compound sooner!

SILICONE-FREE! Perfect for body shops and where chemical components matter!
You don't want to take the risk of introducing a hostile product into a clean work environment, right? Jescar Heavy Cut Compound is formulated without the use of silicone and other additives that would contaminate a body shop and impair your ability to work. This is just another reason why Jescar Heavy Cut Compound was made with the professional in mind.


  • Shake well before using and avoid working on hot surfaces and in direct sunlight.
  • Apply 3 to 4 pea size drops of product over the surface of a polishing pad.
  • Work in a 2x2' area using medium pressure and speed until all the defects have been removed.
  • Clean the area with a microfiber towel.
  • Follow with polish to bring the surface to a high gloss finish.

8 oz.

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