Jescar Fine Polish - 8 oz.

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Want glorious looking paint? Grab Jescar Fine Polish!

Jescar Fine Polish is an advanced blend of fine abrasives developed to remove light imperfections and leave a brilliant finish. Using a silicon-free formulation, Jescar Fine Polish permanently removes haze, holograms, and light scratches up to P3000 grit. Safe for use with rotary or dual-action machines, Jescar Fine Polish contains no fillers or additives and uses its unique abrasive technology to create a high gloss finish. The only thing left to do after using Jescar Fine Polish is the top it off with a gloss enhancing paint protectant, like Jescar Power Lock!

FINE CUT! Jescar Fine Polish utilizes ultra-fine abrasives to remove imperfections!
Packaged in each bottle of Jescar Fine Polish is a unique blend of fine abrasives that work to gently, yet efficiently remove light paint imperfections. With the power cut P3000 grit sanding marks, Jescar Fine Polish is a great option for those looking to bring their gloss to the next level.

PERFECTS! Remove gloss hindering haze and other paint imperfections without marring!
If your paint has a clouded haze from light imperfections then Jescar Fine Polish is an ideal option. Jescar Fine Polish can permanently remove defects such as haze, holograms, and light scratches without leaving any marring behind, even on soft paints. Bring your paint to a show car level shine with a polish designed for the job!

SILICON-FREE! Perfect for body shops and where chemical components matter!
You don't want to take the risk of introducing a hostile product into a clean work environment, right? Jescar Fine Polish is formulated without the use of silicone and other additives that would contaminate a body shop and impair your ability to work. This is just another reason why Jescar Fine Polish was made with the professional in mind.


  • Shake well before using, avoiding working on hot surfaces and out of direct sunlight.
  • Apply 3-4 peas -sized drops of product over the surface of a pad before starting machine.
  • Polish using medium pressure and spread over a 2'x2' area, moving side to side then up and down, until the polish breaks down, leaving a clear film over the surface.
  • Remove any residue with a microfiber towel.

8 oz.

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