Jescar All Purpose Cleaner - 32 oz.

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Clean every surface without sacrifice!

Jescar All Purpose Cleaner is a concentrated cleaner developed for use on virtually any surface. The alkaline-based formulation is free of any harmful solvents, making it an ideal choice for the professional looking for a multi-surface cleaner, or the enthusiast looking to save time, money, and shelf space. From its heavy grease cutting power, to its ability to rid your paint of surface contamination, Jescar All Purpose Cleaner is the ideal choice for more situations than we can list.

SAFE AND EFFECTIVE! The formulation of Jescar All Purpose Cleaner can clean virtually any surface!
From interiors to engine bays, Jescar All Purpose Cleaner has you covered. The alkaline base is safe for cleaning all your miscellaneous surfaces with peace of mind included. Just dilute to the proper ratio and go!

POWERFUL CLEANING ABLILITY! Cut through grease and contamination without breaking a sweat!
The cleaning power of Jescar All Purpose Cleaner is designed to easily clean whatever contamination the road can throw at you, or even what your vehicle creates. From stubborn road grim to grease covered engine bays, Jescar All Purpose Cleaner will leave you in awe.

CONCENTRATED Cleaning Power! Tackle any and every job with the proper dilution ratio!
No need to have a cabinet full of cleaners, Jescar All Purpose Cleaner can be diluted to fit the contamination and surface you are working with. Mix 1:5 for heavy grease cutting power, or 1:10 to 1:20 for more sensitive surfaces such as carpets and fabric.


  • For cleaning automotive, RV and truck exteriors, dilute with water 1:10.
  • Apply APC to entire surface, allow to work for 1-2 minutes then thoroughly remove with power washer.
  • For heavy grease cleaning dilute 1:5 then remove after a few minutes with a power washer.
  • For interiors such as carpet and fabric, dilute 1:10 to 1:20 then after cleaning remove with a damp sponge or wet vac.
  • Do not let dry on surface or work on hot surfaces.

32 oz.

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