IGL Jen K.O. Mix - 16 oz. - RTU

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Dozens of uses, 3 different steps, 1 single bottle!

IGL Jen K.O. Mix was created by Jennifer Turcotte from IGL and she had the genius idea to greatly increase how efficiently 3 separate products work by simply mixing them together. She combined IGL Water Spot Remover, IGL Car Wash Shampoo, and IGL Enhancer together at the perfect ratios to allow them all to do their different jobs at the same time without impacting the effectiveness of any of them. IGL Jen K.O. Mix is capable of simultaneously cleaning mild contaminants off the surface, removing light water spots, and leaving behind a layer of hydrophobic protection to prevent future mess! And best of all, it couldn't be easier to use! Simply spray IGL Jen K.O. Mix directly onto the surface you are cleaning, let it sit on the surface and watch as it fizzes up while it cleans, then wipe it off using a microfiber towel! IGL Jen K.O. Mix can be used on dozens of surfaces like windows, wheels, calipers, paint, plastic, rubber, emblems, chrome, exhaust, vinyl, satin, door jams, interior tint, engines, matte wraps, and so many more! You can greatly reduce the number of bottles in your garage with one bottle of IGL Jen K.O. Mix!

500 ml.

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