IGL Ecoshine Tyre

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Protect & Enrich – Promotes natural shine and luster with durable darkening effect

Fresh Fragrance – Blend of fruits and natural essential oils products a fresh, clean smell

Safe Formulation – Formulation is free of dangerous solvents and is a non-toxic, biodegradable formula

No Residue – Won’t leave a sticky or shiny residue

IGL Ecoshine Tyre is a waterbased, zero VOC dressing that conditions and protects your tires in one easy step. The unique blend of emollients and waxes deeply penetrate beneath the rubber surface to give tires a non-greasy and sling-resistant dressing.

Product Data

  • Dilution: Ready to use or spraying 1:1 water)
  • Carrier: Waterbased
  • Consumption: 5-10gm /m2
  • pH: 7
  • Durability: 2-4 weeks
  • VOC: 0gm/l

500 ml.

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