IGL Ecoshine Polish F2 - 1000 gm.

Item Description:

Unique formulation reduces dusting during heavy compounding work

ONE step polish developed to remove P2000 – P3000 sanding marks

Formulated without the use of dangerous solvents

Safe for use in body shops and on PPF or vinyl films

Polishing - simplified

IGL Ecoshine F2 Polish aids in the removal of medium to light paint defects such as swirls, scratches, and oxidation. IGL Ecoshine F2 Polish was formulated with proprietary blend of diminishing abrasives that provides extended working time along with impressive finishing results. With the power to remove sanding marks ranging from P2000 – P3000, IGL Ecoshine F2 Polish easily cuts through a majority of paint imperfections for superior clarity and gloss.

SAFE FORMULATION! Perfect for use in body shops, and safe enough for PPF and vinyl films!
Along with the rest of the F series of correction product from IGL, F2 polish is safe for a vast number of situations and surfaces. IGL Ecoshine F2 Polish is a premium choice for body shops due to it safe formulation and its fine cutting power. It also is the ideal choice for the hobbyist looking for that one product to cover wider spectrum of moderate paint defects.

Versatile Cutting Power! Abrasives start out cutting hard, then break down into finer finishing abrasives.
IGL Ecoshine F2 Polish is formulated with a blend of proprietary diminishing abrasives to remove paint defects with out the common issue of marring. From the start of the polishing cycle, the abrasives in IGL Ecoshine F2 Polish start by cutting more aggressively to level the defects. As you continue to work the product on the surface the abrasives start to breakdown to finer finishing abrasives. Thus, allowing IGL Ecoshine F2 Polish to finish the buffing cycle without leaving much work, if any, to continue to refine.

LONG BUFFING CYCLE! Long working time means you can buff longer with less product!
Another trait that continues throughout the IGL F series of Echoshine is an impressive working cycle. IGL Ecoshine F2 Polish allows for a long working time for more correction time with less product consumption.


  • Generally applied by a variable speed polisher with a medium-hard foam pad.
  • Apply a small quantity of compound on the polishing pad.
  • Let the polisher turn at low revolutions and spread the product on the surface via crossed movements.
  • Speed up the revolutions.
  • Be careful of surface overheating and don’t allow the polisher to stay on the same surface for too long without adding more product.
  • If necessary, please repeat the application until the surface correction is completed.
  • Wipe the surface with a clean cloth to inspect.

33.8 oz. (1000 gm.)

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