IGL Ecoshine Finish F3 - 300 gm.

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Time to refine!

IGL Ecoshine F3 Finish provides you with premium finishing abrasives to create a truly flawless shine. The nanotechnology-based nano-abrasives along with proprietary polishing agents enable IGL Ecoshine F3 Finish to easily refine softer, finicky paints to a deep luster. With the power to remove P4000 to P5000 sanding marks, IGL Ecoshine F3 Finish can be used to remove oxidation on newer paints without leaving any hazing behind. The fine cutting level of IGL Ecoshine F3 Finish is also safe for PPF, vinyl, plastic, and glass!

SAFE FORMULATION! Perfect for use in body shops, and safe enough for PPF and vinyl films!
IGL Ecoshine F3 Finish ultrafine abrasives are the perfect choice for fresh, fully dried paints. You won't find any fillers or cheap additives in IGL Ecoshine F3 Finish, making it a top contender for body shops. The abrasives contained in IGL Ecoshine F3 Finish are safe for the most sensitive surfaces, including PPF and vinyl!

PROPRIETARY NANO ABRASIVE TECHNOLOGY! Packed with ultra-fine abrasives for ultra-fine work!
IGL Ecoshine F3 Finish utilizes a blend of nano-abrasives along with high performance polishing agents to unlock the true potential of your paints shine. IGL Ecoshine F3 Finish can remove sanding marks from P4000 to P5000 without leaving any haze in its wake.

LONG BUFFING CYCLE! Long working time means you can buff longer with less product!
While IGL Ecoshine F3 Finish is the final stage in the F line of Ecoshine, it still works just as hard, and as long as the rest of the more aggressive products. Just as with the F1 and F2, you can enjoy a long working time with minimal product usage!


  • Generally applied by a variable speed polisher with a medium-hard foam pad.
  • Apply a small quantity of compound on the polishing pad.
  • Let the polisher turn at low revolutions and spread the product on the surface via crossed movements.
  • Speed up the revolutions.
  • Be careful of surface overheating and don't allow the polisher to stay on the same surface for too long without adding more product.
  • If necessary, please repeat the application until the surface correction is completed.
  • Wipe the surface with a clean cloth to inspect.

10.15 oz. (300 gm.)

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