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IGL Ecocoat Premier

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Item Description:

Compatible with coatings – Compatible with all coatings as a maintenance product

Smooth Surface – Creates a smooth coated surface to reduce micro-marring

Superb Hydrophobic Quality - Water contact angle over 105°

Anti-Fouling - Surface stays cleaner, longer

IGL Ecocoat Premier is a REACH compliant, zero VOC, hydrophobic coating which is water-based and can be applied on all non-absorbent surfaces of the vehicle. It is highly efficient and produces immediate and impactful result on the coated surface. The result is a coated surface that is non-smearing, non-yellowing, high gloss, high slick and dirt repelling that will last for up to 6 months.

  • Consumption: 60ml/car
  • Active Material %: 10%
  • Contact Angle: 105°
  • pH Tolerance: 1-14pH
  • Durability: 6 mths/10k km
  • Temperature Resistance: <100°C
  • VOC: 0gm/l

500 ml.

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IGL Ecocoat Premier