IGL Coatings Ecoclean Pure - 500 ml.

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Eliminates and prevents the spread of 99.99% of bacteria, mold, and viruses

Formulated to World Health Organization standards

Isopropyl alcohol base with plant-based extracts

Disinfects on contact leaving only a fresh scent behind

Vicious on viruses and bacteria!

Ecoclean Pure instantly eliminates and prevents the spread of 99.99% of bacteria, mold & viruses. The formulation is as per WHO (World Health Organization) Recommendation. What IGL did differently is utilising plant-based extracts. The plant-based cucumber & aloe extracts disinfect and cleans surfaces effectively and instantly, keeping you and your loved ones safe. The rinse-free, non-sticky and quick drying formula is effective on all surfaces such as doorknobs, offices, children’s nursery, table and countertops, toilet surfaces & much more.

Ecoclean Pure was made with lab grade isopropyl which is compared to pharmaceuticals grade. It flashes off with no residue due to its purity. The extract used for disinfecting are cucumber, aloe vera, and green tea.


  • Spray onto surface and wipe off where necessary.
  • No rinse required.

16 oz.

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