IGL Ecoclean Air - 500 ml.

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Encapsulates and eliminates foul odors

Formulated safely with biodegradable, REACH compliant ingredients

Works on smoke, spoiled food, pet messes, and more

Fresh cucumber scent enriches the interior

A safer way to eliminate foul odors!

IGL Ecoclean Air is a solution to those foul scents that plague your interior. Formulated without harsh ingredients, IGL Ecoclean Air uses biodegradable components to encapsulate and suppress these odors at a molecular level. This prevents them from being released back into the air permanently. Thatís right, IGL Ecoclean Air doesnít mask or cover up odors, itís a true eliminator. IGL Ecoclean Air does this all without benzene, toluene, and xylene. The harsh chemicals that many other products rely on. IGL Ecoclean Air works with a wide variety of odor causing bacteria like spoiled food, pet messes, smoke, and more. IGL Ecoclean Air leaves a fresh cucumber scent behind!

Interior odors are one of the most challenging things to tacking in detailing. Since odors are normally caused bacteria that you canít physically see, itís makes removing it quite the challenge. IGL Ecoclean Air eliminates that challenge with a unique formulation that neutralizes these odors at the molecular level. While that may sound like difficult product to use, it only needs to be misted across the impacted area. Thatís it! IGL Ecoclean Air does all the hard work for you!

If youíve struggled to remove those foul fragrances from your interior surfaces, your solution is here!

500 ml.

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