P&S Hi Tone Glaze The Original Liquid Wax - 128 oz.

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Item Description:

  • The original liquid wax
  • Carnauba wax protection
  • Lightly cleans while applied
  • Exceptional one step wax/cleaner
  • Safe for all types of paints

This original liquid wax was formulated back in 1961. Hi Tone Glaze revolutionized automotive waxing during the 60's. The introduction of Hi Tone reduced the time necessary to wax vehicles and improved the quality of wax finishes. This revolutionary wax is still the product of choice by select professional detailers. Hi Tone is ideal for quick one step hand waxing. Hi Tone lightly cleans as it coats the paint with carnauba wax. Use Hi Tone on lightly oxidized, clean or new vehicles.

Directions: Wash, then dry vehicle prior to wax application. Shake container well before use to disperse active ingredients. Apply with a clean, dry, towel or wax applicator. Spread a uniform light coat over paint surface. Allow product to dry. Wipe off with clean, dry, towel. Rotate towel regularly and polish to bright finish.

128 oz.

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