3D HD Polish+ 8 oz.

3D HD Polish+ 8 oz.3D High Definition HD Polish+ is the ultimate finishing polish that leaves your vehicle shiny and swirl-free. This unique formulation of nano-technology coupled with super micro-abrasives corrects defects in paint without causing hazing, holograms, or micro-marring. 3D HD Polish+ is one of easiest to use and most effective polishes on the market today.

3D HD Polish+ has been scientifically designed to have all of the features you need and none of the features you don’t. What detailer wants to deal with dust? No detailer, but don’t worry 3D HD Polish+’s dust-free finish leaves nothing behind but the shine! It’s also body shop safe with no silicones or fillers added so it’s safe for use on fresh paint and soft paint systems and you can be sure that the shine you see is the shine that stays—even after rain or washing!

Use 3D HD Polish+ with your favorite rotary or dual action polisher. This versatile product can be dialed-in via the tool and pads used to meet the needs of the task at hand. With 3D HD Polish+, you’ll be amazed by the ease of use and the fantastic results.

Directions: Work on a clean, dry surface that is cool to the touch. Working in the shade is best, but the formula is sun-friendly when used properly. Shake product well and apply 4-5 pea-sized drops to the polishing or finishing pad of your choice. Rotary Polisher Application (best results): Set the speed of the polisher between 1000-2000 RPM Dual Action Polisher Application: Set the speed dial to between 5 and 6 Use moderate pressure to make several passes over the surface being buffed. Buff away any residue using a clean, soft microfiber towel.

8 oz.