GYEON Q2M Tire Cleaner - 500 ml

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Deep cleaner – deeper results

GYEON Q2M Tire Cleaner is just another one of the many products that showcases the passion GYEON has for car care. GYEON Q2M Tire Cleaner is twist on standard tire cleaners. Using an all-purpose style formulation developed specifically for tires and rubber, GYEON Q2M Tire Cleaner produces a deeper clean than most of its competition. GYEON Q2M Tire Cleaner cuts through old tire dressing and contamination to penetrate deep into the pores of the rubber. GYEON Q2M Tire Cleaner is a safe cleaner that can be used on all tires, including white walls, and can even be used on wheels!

DEEP CLEAN! Q2M Tire Cleaner cleans deep into the pores of the rubber!
GYEON Q2M Tire Cleaner was designed to be a true solution to neglected tires. Formulated to penetrate deep into the pores of the rubber, GYEON Q2M Tire Cleaner easily removes dirt and contamination that degrades the look and integrity of your tires.

PREPS! Creates a cleaner surface perfect for application of your favorite tire protectant!
Tired of dressing tires? Aside from the choice of protectant, the choice of the cleaner plays a large part in how long a dressing will last. GYEON Q2M Tire Cleaner removes deep contamination that has worked into the pores of the tire. This deep cleaning effect provides the optimal bonding environment for a tire dressing, such as GYEON Q2 Tire, or GYEON Q2 Tire Express

SAFE! Wheel or tire - Q2M Tire Cleaner can do both!
At the heart of GYEON Q2M Tire Cleaner is an “all-purpose" style formulation. This unique blend provides more versatility than many wheel cleaners in its caliber. GYEON Q2M Tire Cleaner is safe for all tire types, including white walls. And can be used as a wheel cleaner as well! While GYEON Q2M Tire Cleaner does take a few attributes from all-purpose style cleaners, you will quickly see that this has been engineered specifically for tire and rubber!


  • Always work with tires and wheels that are cool to the touch.
  • Spray GYEON Q2M TireCleaner liberally on the rubber of your tire.
  • Cleaner will turn brown and begin to break down the contaminants on tire.
  • Agitate rubber with a medium stiffness tire brush, working product into tire
  • Rinse tire and continue to other tires

500 ml.

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