GYEON Q2 Syncro Lite Box - 50 ml

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Step up your coating game!

Are you ready make the most of ceramic protection? GYEON Q2 Syncro brings you the professional protection and appearance with a multistage ceramic system. Best of all, it still holds true to the ease of application that GYEON is famous for. Starting with a solid foundation of the flagship ceramic, GYEON MOHS, you create a hard and solid base layer of protection. To top that off you’ll follow up with a layer of Q2 SKIN, an ultra hydrophobic and glossy ceramic topcoat. When combine these two coatings produce the depth and shine beyond what you would expect from ceramics without forgoing the powerful protection levels of quartz-based ceramics.

HARD & SLICK! Bring out the best of both with dedicated ceramics for each!
If you’re familiar with the GYEON line then you already know that MOHS is the “tough guy” of their coating line. Producing an solid 9H shell around you paint for durable, long lasting protection. And when topped with SKIN, you see energetic hydrophobics that stand in a class of its own.

ADVANCED MULTILAYER PROTECTION! Durable protection only gets better when layered!
With a dual layer of ceramic protection you’ll get exactly what you expect. More! With improved resistance to foreign contamination, higher levels of gloss, and even more hydrophobics, you’ll wonder why you haven’t applied GYEON Q2 Syncro already!

USER-FRIENDLY! The advancements in this protection only apply to the protection itself!
You can put away your chemistry textbook and your worries of application with GYEON Q2 Syncro. Just like every other GYEON product, Q2 Syncro was engineered with the user in mind. GYEON Q2 Syncro provides you with a professional grade coating system that can be applied with your own hands, right in your driveway.