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Product Application Guide Product Application Guide: GYEON ONE
By: Jeff McEachran @ GYEON Quartz USA | 10-24-18

Are you ready to graduate from sealants and get superior levels of protection? Then meet GYEON ONE! Designed specifically for people that have already mastered waxes or sealants. Want to see what GYEON ONE can offer?

Product Application


Q One is a high performing Enthusiast Level coating from GYEON quartz that will deliver real protection from UV and environmental impact, high gloss, great self-cleaning properties, and make regular wash maintenance very safe and easy. It was designed specifically for people who are very comfortable installing a wax or sealant, but are ready to take the step in to more substantial protection and performance with a ceramic coating.

So why choose a ceramic coating over a wax or sealant? Performance. When we apply a wax, sealant, or coating over the paint we are asking that layer of material to protect the surface from the outside world. Chemically, an SiO2 based ceramic coating will outperform a wax or sealant in terms of durability, protection from the elements, and ease of maintenance.

So how do we apply it? Very similar to a wax or sealant with a few specifics in the preparation of the paint and install procedure. Lets go through it!

The first step is always to properly prepare the surface. We use GYEON quartz QM Prep to remove any polishing oils or lubricants from a previous detailing step. This ensures a pure bond between the coating and the paint and will maximize durability and performance.

Spray QM Prep directly on to the paint working a shoulder width area at a time. I like to go on just heavy enough to where the product begins to run down the surface.
Next, using a new and plush microfiber towel wipe up the QM Prep in gentle straight lines. The product has begun to break down the oils and lubricants and we want to absorb them in to the microfiber and remove them from the paint.
The quality of the towel is very important in this step, and you should change towels as needed to make sure that we are pickup up removing material from the paint not transferring it from panel to panel. Here we are using the GYEON quartz QM SoftWipe.
Now that the paint is clean and prepared, it is time to install the coating!
Apply a medium amount of GYEON quartz Q One to the Suede Applicator and Foam Block combination included within the kit. I like to run two quick lines of product across the applicator.
Next, apply the coating to an area about shoulder width apart so that you can control the spread of the product. You want to apply in 2-3 overlapping passes making sure we have even coverage. The coating should glide nice and smoothly across the surface. If at any time during the install the applicator begins to drag, it is time to switch our the suede applicator as too much product has built up.

Allow the coating to remain on the surface for 20-30 seconds. We are allowing the carrier solvent to evaporate and leave the SiO2 behind. Play with the dwell time a bit at the beginning of the application. The initial bond with the GYEON coatings is within 3-5 seconds. From then on we are looking for the most efficient time to remove excess product. If you wipe too early, it will feel wet and you will push excess product around the panel. If we wait too long it will feel grabby as the coating is beginning to dry. The higher the humidity, the faster the carrier solvent will begin to evaporate, and the sooner you will want to remove excess product from the surface. The sweet spot will be between 15-30 seconds.

Once you have the entire car complete, wait 4 hours and apply GYEON quartz QM Cure. This product is designed to act as an outer layer of the coating that will keep it protected while it is fully curing, which can take 5-7 days. You want to make sure the coating remains dry for the first 24 hours. Then wait at least 7 days before washing.

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