The Mohs protective coating system

The Mohs protective coating systemProduct Application Guide: GYEON Quartz Q2 Mohs
By: Jeff McEachran @ GYEON Quartz USA | 1-18-18

Have you been wanting more out of your paint protection? Paint coatings may seem complex or even intimidating but we have the solution for that! We'll walk you through one of the strongest paint coatings on the market today!

Meet GYEON Q2 Mohs

For those of you who are not familiar with the Brand, GYEON Quartz is a complete car care product manufacturer, producing everything from wash mitts and microfibers all the way up to long term protective coatings. Today we want to introduce you to the workhorse of the GYEON coating offering: Q2 Mohs. Q2 Mohs is a PHPS based coating designed to be installed in 2 layers. It can be applied in up to 3 layers max. It can be topped with other products from the GYEON Quartz line including Q2 Booster, Q2 CanCoat, or Q2M Cure for added gloss and extended durability.

Q2 Mohs is extremely easy to use, with a very smooth application and simple wipe off. It is used by the Detailing Enthusiast and Detailing Professional alike. Q2 Mohs is very capable in terms of UV and chemical protection while delivering top level gloss. With the complete GYEON Q2M Maintenance line to support, Q2 Mohs is a fantastic choice for your next coating project.

So, how do you use it?

First, we need to ensure that all oils, lubricants or residue from the wash or polishing session are removed from the paints surface so that Q2 Mohs can bond directly to the paint for maximum performance. For this, we use Q2M Prep. The blend of ingredients in Q2M Prep offer a more capable oil and residue remover than strictly using a 50/50 IPA and water mix. Prep also includes anti-static properties to help keep dust off the surface during the coating installation.

Lastly, Q2M Prep creates lubricity between the microfiber and the paint to ensure we do not induce light marring after the paint has been polished. With a properly prepared surface, we are guaranteeing the maximum level of performance of the coating and ensuring we have the easiest and most efficient installation.

First, place the GYEON Suede Applicator over the GYEON Foam Block, both included in the kit. Then apply Q2 Mohs to the Suede Applicator. You can allow the product to drip out of the bottle, applying 4-6 drops per panel, or run a line over the Suede Applicator.

Now apply Q2 Mohs to a roughly 2’ x 2’ area or smaller at a time, for example half a door or a quarter of the hood, in a cross hatch pattern ensuring to get even coverage. Each working environment will produce a slightly different “sweet spot” in which to remove the coating. You always want to be in a controlled environment out of the direct sunlight, and working on a cool surface. Humidity is the main factor. The higher the humidity, the faster Q2 Mohs will “flash”, and the faster it should be removed.

For most environments, about 30-45 seconds is perfect, with about 90 seconds being the max. The initial bond with Q2 Mohs is very fast, within 3-5 seconds. So you can remove Q2 Mohs from 10 seconds all the way to 90 seconds with absolutely no impact in performance. We are simply looking for the perfect time when Q2 Mohs is not too wet and not too dry so that removal with a high quality and brand new microfiber towel is the easiest. The GYEON Q2M BaldWipe or PolishWipe Towels are perfect for removal.

Q2 Mohs can be layered for added gloss, protection, and durability. The maximum is 3 layers. You want 1 hour between each layer of coating. Once the install is complete, allow the car to remain completely dry for the first 24 hours. After 24 hours it is completely safe to drive in any condition, however allow 7 days before washing with any detergents so that the coating can fully cure.

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