GYEON Q2 Mohs + Q2 CanCoat Application Guide

GYEON Q2 Mohs + Q2 CanCoat Application Guide

If you are looking for one of the most capable, glossiest, and durable combinations of ceramic coatings from GYEON look no further than Q2 Mohs topped with Q2 CanCoat. When you combine the long lasting, easy to apply, crisp reflection, and strong protective elements of Q2 Mohs with the intensely hydrophobic candy gloss of Q2 CanCoat you have something special.

And by using Q2 CanCoat as the topper, you have plenty of product to use as yearly maintenance around the entire car. It is the perfect and fast top up for paint, wheels, trim, chrome, and even glass.

To install, thoroughly degrease the paints surface to remove all of the oils and lubricants from the previous detailing step. This will ensure that the coating is able to bond directly to the paint and that the install is as efficient as possible.

Once degreased, we are ready to apply Q2 Mohs. Q2 Mohs is a smooth and easy coating to apply and remove. Apply the coating to the suede applicator and install in a crosshatch pattern about a shoulder width apart. Wait 10-20 seconds for the product to begin to flash and remove with a quality microfiber. Q2 Mohs should be installed in two layers, with one hours’ time in between each layer. It typically takes about an hour to coat a car, so start at the same point on the car with the second layer as soon as the first layer is down.

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Now we are ready to add the pop with Q2 CanCoat. Wait 2-4 hours after the last layer of Q2 Mohs before applying Q2 CanCoat. This is the perfect time to coat the wheels, finish the interior, and any other detailing steps to be taken.

When you are ready to apply Q2 CanCoat, use a short pile height and new microfiber towel for the installation. The strength of this product is that it can and should be installed quickly. We are not looking to add a thick and perfectly overlapping layer. Cup the microfiber towel over the sprayer fully, as we do not want any overspray of the coating. This is important. Spray two to three sprays on the towel and work into the panel in fast circular motions. Work a shoulder width area and wipe off any excess coating immediately with a second microfiber towel. We want a thin layer of coating that looks to “fall” into the underlying coating. Very little to no product should remain on the surface after working in. So back down the amount applied if necessary.

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And that is it! Allow the coating to dry for 24 hours before it is driven and allow 14 days before washing the car with any detergents. You now have a long lasting, multi chemistry coating that looks incredible on your paintwork.

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