Product Application Guide - GYEON CanCoat

Product Application Guide - GYEON CanCoatProduct Application Guide: GYEON CanCoat
By: Jeff McEachran @ GYEON Quartz USA | 4-4-19

GYEON CanCoat simplifies the complex application of ceramic coatings. Don't believe us? See it for yourself! Check out the full how-to guide below!

Product Application: GYEON CanCoat

GYEON quartz Q CanCoat is the most versatile and easy to use ceramic coating in the entire range. It provides intense gloss, high contact angle water beading, real UV and chemical resistance, and impressive durability. The strength of this product lies in the extremely high performance paired with a surprisingly easy application. Q CanCoat is a true SiO2 based coating and should not be compared to other spray sealants. Lets take a closer look!

What come in the box
  •   200ml of Q CanCoat (the bottle holds more than   200ml so it will not be full)
  •   3 Plastic Sprayers
  •   Microfiber Application Cloth

Q CanCoat can be used a wide variety of surfaces, making the utility of the product very high. Especially at the price point. You can apply Q CanCoat to paint in multiple layers if desired, to wheels, to plastic trim, to chrome, to engine bay plastics, and even paint protection film or vinyl. Q CanCoat is a great stand alone coating, but can also be used to top up any existing high quality ceramic coating. The packaging mentioned at least 6 months durability. We have seen a single layer of Q CanCoat perform significantly longer with proper maintenance. Lets go over the step by step application instructions!

Before applying Q CanCoat, you want to perform a thorough decontamination of the paint using QM Prep. QM Prep will remove any oils or lubricants from a previous detailing step so we have a direct bond between the coating and the paint. This will ensure maximum performance of the coating as well as make application as easy as possible.

Apply QM Prep generously on the paint, where it just starts to run down the panel and then wipe up with a high quality and absorbent microfiber like GYEON quartz QM Polish Wipe.

Now we are ready to break in to the Q CanCoat box! First, remove the metal cap and set aside as you will reapply it later for storage.

Install one of the 3 included sprayers.

We are now ready to apply!
Cup the spray nozzle with the included microfiber towel. Apply 1 or 2 sprays of Q CanCoat on to the towel. We do not need a ton of product. Q CanCoat is designed to be applied as a nice and even thin layer over the paint. You want to cup the sprayer to control the overspray. Q CanCoat is a heavy product once it hits the air and it is easy to waft a bit on to the car.
Wipe Q CanCoat on to the surface working a shoulder width area at a time. Use a quick arm motion to move the product over the surface. Q CanCoat should not be applied like a traditional ceramic coating where you would use slow overlapping strokes and then let the product dwell on the surface. Do not do this.

Keep Q CanCoat moving over the application area until it completely disappears. You want to let the solvent carrier do the work and deliver the product nicely over the surface. This usually takes 10-15 seconds depending on temp and humidity. This is the strength of the product. Very quick and easy application.

Use a secondary QM PolishWipe to immediately remove any excess product. I also recommend using a handheld light source so you can make sure all material is removed from the surface.

Once complete, remove the sprayer and flush it thoroughly.

Q CanCoat is a true SiO2 based ceramic coating and it will lock up the sprayer if left on the bottle. Flush it with warm water and a detergent. I would expect 3 uses or so out of each sprayer, and plenty are included in case you forget. Put the metal cap back on for storage.

Now sit back and enjoy the gloss!

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