GTechniq Marine Ceramic Base - 50 ml.

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Build your protection from the base!

GTechniq Marine Ceramic Base is the foundation layer of protection for your vessel. Forming a hard, protective barrier, GTechniq Marine Ceramic Base defends your gel coat against countless waves of contamination. Formulated to be extensively more resilient to salt and other contaminants found in the marine environment. GTechniq Marine Ceramic Base was designed to work in conjunction with GTechniq Marine Ceramic Top for a durable, multi-layer form of protection for your vessel.

DURABLE! Create the foundation of ceramic protection!
GTechniq Marine Ceramic Base creates heavy-duty layer of ceramic protection that anchors itself to the surface. This strong base layer focuses on durability in harsher environments with improved resistance to marine contamination. For the best results, combine with Gtechniq Marine Ceramic Top.

RESISTANT! Fights against marine contamination to protect your finish!
With improved resistance to marine contamination, Gtechniq Marine Ceramic Base provides an easy to care for surface. By inhibiting the bond of these contaminants, washing is easy! Most contamination can be rinsed off with minimal effort!

STRONG! Becomes the functional surface to defend against improper washing
Gtechniq Marine Ceramic Base creates a hardened exterior layer on your vessel to prevent degradation from contamination, but it also helps prevent physical damage caused by improper washing and care. Dirt and surface contamination can become an abrasive and leave swirls and scratches in the wake of poor washing technique.


  • Please allow at least 12 hours after application for the Ceramic Top to fully cure.
  • Perfect - If applying directly to gelcoat or topcoat, polish the surface to remove any imperfections.
  • Degrease - Ceramic Top bonds best to surgically clean surfaces. Use Gtechniq Panel Wipe and a microfiber towel to remove all polish residue.
  • Application - Soak the application pad with product.
  • Spread onto an area measuring no more than 2' by 2' (60 x 60cm).
  • Remove residue with a microfiber towel.

50 ml.

ORMD WARNING - Federal regulations prohibit this product by shipping via air. This item is shipped by GROUND service only. NOT AVAILABLE FOR SHIPMENT OUTSIDE MAINLAND USA.
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