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Griots Garage Dried-On Wax Remover

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Item Description:

Easily Remove Dried-On Wax!

Dissolves dried on wax residue.

Safe for rubber and trim.

Makes the final details perfect.

Easily Remove Dried-On Wax

One of the most frequent car care questions I get asked here at Griot's Garage is, "How do I remove dried-on wax from my trim?" Beside me saying, "Don't be so sloppy when applying the wax," the answer is "Use our Dried-On Wax Remover". This product was specially formulated to dissolve dried wax so you can easily wipe it away. It is safe for your vehicle's plastic or rubber parts. Apply directly to the affected area using a cloth or one of our Yellow Scrubbing Pads. Work in small sections and wipe with a clean dry cloth in one direction. Fast, simple and easy. I have so much fun making your life easier!

8 oz.

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Product Reviews

Griots Garage Dried-On Wax Remover
2 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
Chambersburg Pa
2 Stars

Not the greatest
I got this stuff to remove wax from my trim it didnt do a very good job it got some off not much
Dont work good