Griots Garage Multi-Purpose Utility Towels - 50 Pack

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Griots Garage Multi-Purpose Utility Towels are extremely versatile towels capable of taking on the toughest—and dirtiest—detailing tasks you can throw at them! Featuring a soft, flat weave composition, these towels are absorbent and safe for use on just about any surface. Griots Garage Multi-Purpose Utility Towels are ideal for those messy jobs that you avoid using your good microfiber towels for.

Most detailers have a microfiber towel for just about everything. They’ve got super-soft for wax removal, short-nap for general cleaning, waffle weave for drying, waffle weave for glass, and on and on—they’ve probably even got a color-coding system to keep track of it all! And that makes sense to avoid cross-contamination and prevent swirl marks and marring. With all of those high quality microfibers around, it’s hard to sacrifice one to a door jamb or greasy garage spill-or at least it was hard! Griots Garage Multi-Purpose Utility Towels are the perfect multi-purpose shop towel for any messy job!

Griots Garage Multi-Purpose Utility Towels are composed of soft, absorbent microfiber. Used around the garage, shop, or in your home, these utilitarian towels will save a fortune on paper towels, because they are machine washable and reusable! At less than a dollar a towel, you won’t cringe when you drop one on the floor or wind up with a stain in the fabric, you’ll just toss it aside and grab another one!

Griots Garage Multi-Purpose Utility Towels are 11 inches by 11 inches, making them perfect for just about any cleaning job. They fit into tight spaces like wheel spokes, or can be folded over to use a thicker wipe for wiping door jambs and moldings. Since they come in a 50 pack, and are an incredible value, you’ll have no guilt tossing the odd towel that just can’t be saved. Griots Garage Multi-Purpose Utility Towels are the perfect solution for messy detailing tasks!

11” x 11”
50 Pack

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By Randy
Bloomington, IL
Great utility towel
October 2, 2020
I use these for various "utility" type jobs. Taking off Griot's glass sealant, buffing trim sealants, wiping headlights after polishing, cleaning off bird droppings, cleaning door jambs. Things like that. When bought on sale they are cheap enough that you can dispose of them instead of wash and not feel guilty.
  • - Good value especially if purchased on sale.
  • - Great utility microfiber
  • - A little thin so you don't want to use them like nicer microfiber towels, but be cognizant and use them in appropriate places and they're good for what they're built to.
By Delphine
Limited uses
January 31, 2019
I do not really know what to do with them. They are not soft enough for paint or rims, or interior uses on a regular basis.
So... dirty jobs only, like engine detailing ?
  • Still searching
  • Limited uses